Lookout Fire Company #1

This Page is dedicated to all the members that have severed in the Lookout Fire Company #1. that have gone all before us. We Thank them for there services to the Borough and the Company and recognizes them with this page.

A Fireman's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God, Whenever flames may rage; Give me strength to save some life, Whatever be its age.Help me embrace a little child Before it is too late Or save an older person From the horror of that fate.Enable me to be alert And hear the weakest shout, And quickly and efficiently To put the fire out.I want to fill my calling And to give the best in me To guard my every neighbor And protect his property.And if, according to my fate, I am to lose my life, Please bless with your protecting My children and my wife.

- Author Unknown -

John Allen



Kenneth Altemose



Thomas Amy

Anthony Armelin



John R.



Audridge Wilbur Avery

Ernest R. Bago



John Begies



Perry Bellis

Clarence Branch



Nathaniel Branch



Charles Broad

Clarence Brown



Kenneth Brown



Robert R. Budge

James Carbone



Samuel Cowling



William R. Cowling

Henry Davey



William J. Davey



John Davis

Harvey Dietrich



Walter Dietz



Martin Ealey

John Edwards



Granville Fenner



Reuben Getz

William Gilbert



Thomas Gross



Warren Gum

John Hayne



William Hewitt



Arch Hill

Vernon L Holland



Glen Hooper Sr.



Thomas Hooper

Alfred Jackson



J.H. Jackson



Leon Jones

William J. Jones



Clark Kellows



Edwin Kellow

Thomas Kellow



James Kukles



Charles Lakey

John Langdon



Elmer Lobb



Fred L. Lobb

Kenneth Lobb



Thomas Lobb



George Lugg

Ellwood Male



Clair E. Martin



Charles Masters

Charles Mehennitt



Carl Meixsell. Sr.



Herbert Miller

James W. Miller



Robert Minchin



Anthony Mondello Sr

Ronald Morris



George Oliver



Clair D. Ott

Carlington Parsons



Lyonal Parsons



Martin L. Parsons

Thomas Parsons



William Paules



Nicholas Petrolock

William Powell



William Raines



Earl Repsher

Edgar Roof



Howard Rowe



George Rundle

Samuel Rundle



Walton Sadler Sr.



Walton Sadler Jr.

Alfred Sandercock



Elmer Sandercock



John Sandercock

Charles Savercool



William Savercool



John Shaplin

Sherwood Singer



John Smale Sr.



John Smale Jr.

Thomas Smale



Alfred Smith



Artlet Smith

Charles Smith



Harry Smith



William Smith

Christy Snyder



Barnet Sobers



Joseph Surotchak

Charles Trehannon



William Tucker



James Vosper

William Vosper Jr.



Garfield William



George Wooley Sr.

James Wynne



Kenneth Yetter



Waldo Minichin

Sherwood Stancombe



Griffeth Ambrose



Ben Manasseri

Mitchell Zanette



James G. Dietrich



Harold H. Weber Sr.

John "Jack" Price



David E. Mutton