Lookout Fire Company #1

Crews called to Motor Vehicle Accident with Rescue


Friday, July 29, 2016  On the morning on Friday July 23rd, the Lookout Fire Company #1, along with Suburban EMS were dispatched by Northampton County 911 center for a report of a Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries at the intersection of W. Pennsylvania Ave and Robinson Ave in the Borough. Units responding were notified that there was a patient still inside one of the vehicles. Engine 3212 responded with a full crew and arrived on scene to find a dump truck vs a passenger vehicle with both vehicles blocking traffic  Suburban Medic Unit 27 EMS 34 was already on scene providing patient care. 3255 established fire 32 command and advised county that there was still on patient still in the vehicle. Utility 3241 and utility 3242 both responded to the scene and assisted assignments on the scene and traffic control. Crews  worked on stabilization the vehicle and freeing the patient from the vehicles and placed into EMS care where they were transported to a local hospital. Crews remained on scene and assisted in traffic control until all vehicles were removed from the roadway and traffic was returned to its normal pattern. Fire 32 command released on units from the scene and available

Units on Scene: 3212,3241,3242, 27 EMS 34, Slate Belt Regional P.D.