Lookout Fire Company #1

Early Morning Dwelling Fire in Roseto Borough


Saturday, January 9, 2016

 In the early morning hours of Saturday January 9th, the Columbia Fire Co. #1 of Roseto was dispatched for a reported dwelling fire on Webster street in the borough of Roseto. Bangor Fire Department along with Suburban EMS were also initially dispatched. Fire Chief 3451 arrived on scene and established fire 34 command for the incident. Fire 34 command then requested Fire Station 32 for man power and to establish a RIT team. Engine 3211 and Engine 3212, along with 3251 and 3252  responded for the mutual Aid call. Members from Fire Station 32 worked on scene and assisted units from fire stations 34 and 30 in numerous rolls throughout the incident. Units remained on scene for a few hours until released by fire 34 command.

The home owners were able to be notified and escape the residents without enjoy due to have working and proper placed smoke detectors throughout the residence.

Units on Scene : 3411, 3412, 3441, 3011,3021,3041, 3013, 3211,3212, EMS 27